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React Native is not a single company initiative, and its modularity allows many to step up and provide a solution for each aspect. Some libraries are gaining popularity, some solutions are fading from the scene, and some limitations are becoming more apparent.

All of this can make it difficult for developers to choose the right tools and libraries for their projects and be confident in their decisions.

The second edition of the survey presents the trends and outlines the new initiatives happening in the React Native ecosystem. Starting with this edition, we can examine the popularity and usability of specific solutions year over year. Some of the trends were expected, while others are complete surprises. We find that some aspects are getting more attention from contributors than ever before - take a look at the styling or debugging sections (and others!). The first edition of the survey was very successful. Major players in the ecosystem are reading and responding to the data. We've also grown by more than 500 new respondents year over year, reaching nearly 2400 unique respondents. By reaching more and more developers each year, we become a torch that guides people into the depths of the React Native ecosystem.

Enter the second edition of the State of React Native survey. Designed to consolidate opinions and provide meaningful insight into a variety of aspects that React Native developers deal with on a daily basis. I'm confident that the data you'll find here will serve you well the next time you need to choose the right state management solution for your project, or make any other React Native-related decision.

Bartłomiej Bukowski

Bartłomiej Bukowski

Software Engineer at Software Mansion, Creator of the State of React Native survey

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